Middle School Montana Northern Passage Projects Posted: June 6th, 2017

Middle School Summer

VISIONS participants have completed some fantastic service projects over the years on the Northern Passage Middle School Program. See a few highlights below and read more about the program here.

Middle School workers in Montana preparing a meal for Cheyenne elders

Elders + Middle School Volunteers = Happy Combo

Our students served daily lunches to a large group of Northern Cheyenne Reservation elders, and made goody bags from donated items. Our work with these elders has been an incredibly rewarding way of hearing their stories while helping to make them smile.

Happy Middle School participants celebrate completion of a wall protecting a community garden

Dull Knife Community College Garden Benefits from Middle School Participants

At Dull Knife Community College, our middle school students constructed a rock wall around a community garden. The garden is part of an initiative to grow local food and do nutrition education, and the fence keeps animals from eating the harvest.

VISIONS Middle School students working with children on healthy exercise program

Middle School Volunteers Run Healthy Kids Kollege

Our middle schoolers facilitated healthy living activities for children at the Kids Kollege camp. The program also serves as a great way for our students to interact and make friends with younger kids on the reservation.

Teens cut wood for new Head Start signage

Head Start Preschool Improvements by Middle School Workers

At the Head Start Preschool, also our homebase, we designed and painted welcome signs and did other small maintenance projects. We always try to make improvements at our living facilities, and also work to support the Head Start programs.