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Participants on VISIONS Northern Cheyenne 2016 program helped make several improvements at Little Eagle Headstart, which serves children and families in the tiny reservation town of Busby, Montana.

Their work included sanding and painting exterior trim and the improving the wheelchair ramp. The teen volunteers installed two new toilets, replaced broken fluorescent bulbs, and repaired playground equipment. They worked under the big sky of eastern Montana improving landscaping, and doing neighborhood cleanup.

VISIONS leaders taught the teen participants basic skills in construction and repair. The students learned to use tools safely and to work as a team to complete the projects requested by our hosts. After work time and weekends are filled with cultural experiences and excursions.

There’s more work to be done in Montana. Programs are available for either high school or middle school students. Visit VISIONS Northern Cheyenne program page for more information. Ready to dig in? Apply today!