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VISIONS participants have completed some fantastic service projects over the years in Alaska. See a few highlights below and read more about the program here.

VISIONS teens built a wheelchair ramp for Arnold Gene, an elder who lost his legs in a fire. Helping improve the quality of life for village elders has been part of our work in Alaska since 1995.

In the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge, we removed invasive weed species that threaten native species. Environmental work complements many of the construction projects that our teens accomplish each summer.

We built an outhouse for Theda Jo and helped longtime community partner Yvonne John with projects at her home. Tetlin locals facilitate projects and cultural events with us, and we like to give some extra helping hands for them when we can.

Students constructed two wood sheds for village elders. The Tetlin community is dependent on firewood in part for heating during the winter, and also for smokehouses to preserve meat.

At the Tetlin Community Center, we replaced wood flooring and built a wild game processing table. As a subsistence-based community in rural Alaska, villagers rely on wild game as a major food source, and the community center is widely used.