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Sara White hails from the Northside of Chicago. The daughter of a hardworking police officer and school teacher who are deeply rooted in their community, she never thought she could live outside of a big city. But after deciding to attend the University of North Dakota for college, things changed. She adjusted to small(er) town life and the family-oriented community that is a staple to the Midwest. 

While at school, she made multiple trips with friends to Montana and Wyoming. After falling in love with the mountains, she spent a summer working at the Grand Targhee in the Tetons, exploring everything the beautiful mountain range has to offer. 

A few years after college, Sara ended up exactly where she had hoped—living and working in Montana. She worked for a nonprofit in Bozeman called Thrive, a community organization that provides mentorship to local kids and support resources to families in the Gallatin Valley. Working at Thrive was a turning point in realizing how access to resources, tools and support are necessary components to healthy communities. 

With the focus on living and working in cultures and communities where project needs are high, Sara was happy to join the VISIONS team! She understands the importance of learning about our dynamic world at an early age, and loves how VISIONS programs allow kids to walk in others’ shoes while doing meaningful work. 

In her free time, Sara likes exploring the mountains by foot, bike or skis. She is part of a small poetry club and enjoys reading, writing and sharing poems with friends. She volunteers as a CAP Mentor through Thrive, and loves doing art projects with her CAP mentee. She is always up for a new adventure!

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