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Dan Herman

Programs Coordinator

Dan Herman of Visions Service Adventures

Dan was raised in Connecticut where he spent free time exploring the local wilderness and coastline. He attended the University of Connecticut where he studied Psychology and Spanish. Dan spent college summers in Utah, operating barges on Lake Powell and exploring the region. He quickly fell in love with the natural beauty of the southwest and developed an eagerness to explore new places.

After graduating, Dan spent some time around Utah and Colorado and then a few years abroad, working a variety of jobs in Spain, Peru, and Argentina. Part of this time includes the three summers he spent working with VISIONS in Peru. Dan’s experience abroad helped him hone his Spanish skills and fueled his passions for environmentalism, psychology, and cross-cultural connection.

Dan also loves working with children, and since his travels has spent time working as an environmental educator with hopes to spread awareness and enthusiasm amongst the next generation. Currently, however, Dan is working as a Programs Coordinator here in the VISIONS office.

Dan Herman’s Programs:¬†British Virgin Islands (2017), Peru (2014, 2015, 2016)

Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures