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Henry Worobec

Communications Director

Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures

Before joining VISIONS, Henry reported on environmental science and natural resource issues. His multimedia work appeared in various print and digital publications for entities such as NOAA and the National Geographic Society. As a filmmaker, he led ski expeditions into Montana’s Wilderness areas while exploring the public lands debate and documented a whitewater raft journey into the Amazonian Grand Canyon to expose the potential ramifications of hydro-electric dam projects. Accolades for his feature films include Grand Prize at the Inkafest Mountain Film Festival and Best Feature at the Eugene Environmental Film Festival.

Born and raised a few T stops from Fenway Park, Henry left Massachusetts after high school to explore the Rockies and study creative writing at the University of Montana. He worked for seven years as a carpenter and then earned a masters in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism

Henry is proud to be with VISIONS. His uncle, David, was one of the first participants of Operation Crossroads Africa, a volunteer abroad program that predates the Peace Corps, and his grandmother, Ruth, wrote the book on it. He has big shoes to fill.

Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures