Melissa Flamand

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Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures

As a member of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians, Melissa Flamand is a Native Montanan, through and through. She grew up on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, where she learned the importance of community, determination and respect. Her early education was in a rural setting, where three grades were taught in one classroom at the same time, by a single teacher. Melissa later went on to graduate from Dartmouth College, in New Hampshire, with degrees in Linguistics and Social Inequalities. Education and knowledge have always been core values of hers.

During high school, Melissa traveled to Mississippi for a VISIONS summer program where she worked on social and environmental justice projects for an important watershed of the Gulf Coast and the people who live there. She also worked alongside the Audubon Society to conserve and restore natural ecosystems in the area. While in college, Melissa studied abroad in Lyon, France, completely immersed in a culture unlike her own. Both of these experiences taught and inspired her to connect in meaningful ways to her surroundings.

Residing just a stone’s throw away from Glacier National Park and coupled with her Native heritage, Melissa has always had great respect for the lands and waters of the Earth. It has been her privilege to have worked many years for the Department of the Interior in beautiful Glacier National Park. She has a great appreciation for the outdoors and can often be found hiking the hills of National Forests and Parks in search of pristine alpine lakes.

Having been a participant of two VISIONS programs (in addition to Mississippi, also the Fall Roots Gap program), Melissa firmly believes in the organization’s commitment to service and conservation, two things very near and dear to her. 

As a recent college graduate, her new goals focus on motivating, educating and encouraging others to care deeply about the world and people around them. She believes in the power of knowledge and looks forward to sharing hers with others for a common good.

Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures

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