Lori Ryberg


Lori Rydberg from Visions Service Adventures
Lori spent three years as an external auditor before becoming a CPA and working in the private manufacturing sector. Lori and her husband, Donn, relocated in more than twenty years ago from the Pacific Northwest to Bozeman, Montana, to raise their two boys.

Lori knows firsthand the value of traveling far afield and the significance of embracing cultural diversity. Lori, who has a BS in Accounting from Seattle University, spent nine months studying in Europe. She also enjoyed an 18-month bicycling honeymoon to Australia, New Zealand and the greater Northwest. She is thrilled that her professional skills fit an organization that offers cultural immersion experiences that inevitably ignite learning and growth for young people.

Lori enjoys reading and writing and, recently, embracing her empty nest status. She finds opportunities locally to give back to the world some of what she has received.

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