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Joanne Pinaire

Director Emerita

Joanne Pinaire from Visions Service Adventures

Joanne is the former owner/Director of VISIONS and played a primary role in creating and shaping VISIONS from its inception in 1989. Joanne’s eclectic background includes writing and researching in non-profit arenas, marketing for an Equity repertory theater company and a theater troupe founded to showcase the works of Western states playwrights. She taught ESL to Hmong refugees from Laos in Missoula, Montana, and high school English on Montana’s Blackfeet Indian Reservation. At the Dalton School in New York City Joanne worked in Admissions and with the Assistant Headmaster for Curriculum Development. She was Administrator for six years at The Children’s School, a nationally praised early learning center in Stamford, CT.

In late 1969 while still in college, Joanne visited her Vista-volunteer sister on a Montana Plains Indian reservation. It was a a life-changing trip. She became a Montana resident for a decade, continuing to learn about its native people. She created VISIONS Montana programs and directed many seasons on our reservations programs. Joanne and her husband live in Newport, Pennsylvania, VISIONS former office base, where Joanne volunteers for the local library and with a grassroots advocacy group that recently helped create transitional housing for domestic violence survivors in Joanne’s rural home county.