David Kramer

Nicaragua Director

David Kramer from Visions Service Adventures

Hailing from the US-Mexican border city of San Diego, California, David Kramer grew up alongside Latin American culture. Family vacations were spent doing community service projects in the slums of Tijuana and camping among surreal landscapes of the Baja California peninsula. An obsession with Mexican food and those countries to the south ensued.

While studying Psychology and Music at UC Santa Barbara, David spent a quarter on the north coast of Spain. He found the thrill of living within a foreign culture to be electric, and this triggered a series of travels that has unraveled over the last ten years.

After completing studies back in California and working a stint at an outdoor/climbing gear store to save money, David headed south and spent the next nine months working on sustainable farms in Mexico, conducting research at nature reserves in Costa Rica, and exploring the stunning spread of countries from Mexico to Panama. He was equally affected by the solidarity of working alongside rural campesinos as he was by the beauty of standing atop ancient pyramids over vibrant rainforests.


Returning from travels, David drew from these new experiences and was inspired to work on projects involving ecological conservation. As a wildlife biologist, he has studied plants in Mexico, leopards in Namibia, and plenty of birds back home in the Rocky Mountains.

While David still enjoys working with conservation organizations, he also recognizes the importance of sharing this ethos with others. He first worked with VISIONS on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in 2011. Since then, he has worked and led a handful of VISIONS Custom Programs in Nicaragua. He loves the dynamic experiences that transpire when our VISIONS participants interact with the colorful community that we are a part of in Nicaragua.

David is still obsessed with Mexican food, as well as chasing waves in far-flung locales, listening to birds at dawn, and surprising people with his Spanish, despite gringo-as-all-heck appearances.

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