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Claire Hortens

Montana Northern Cheyenne Director

Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures

Through her mother’s work as VISIONS Executive Director until 2010, Claire spent most summers of her childhood on Plains Indian reservations in Montana, getting dusty, playing with stray dogs and asking lots of questions. Those summers seeded an early and lifelong interest in diversity, cultural exchange and social justice. She went on to participate in VISIONS first Ecuador program —an experience that influenced every big decision of her early adulthood.

After her experience as a VISIONS participant in 2004, Claire joined the Rotary International’s Youth Exchange program. Placed in a small town in Southern Chile, she spent a year riding horses, learning to tell jokes and sing songs in Spanish, and navigating the often imperceptible fabric of cultural immersion.

Claire later completed a B.A. in Spanish at Hendrix College in 2010. She spent a semester Cusco, Peru and went on to direct the VISIONS Ecuador program for two summers, where she was struck by the humility and openness of both the participants and the communities that welcomed them.

After working in study abroad, grassroots organizing, as well as homelessness and poverty resource provision, Claire decided to pursue a Masters in Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh. She has become fascinated by community development efforts that center on mutual understanding and cultural sensitivity at the nexus of changing neighborhoods and communities.

Claire is humbled to continue VISIONS long relationships on the Northern Cheyenne reservation, and thrilled to support participants’ growth and insight into such a unique community.

Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures