Dustin Bellows

Alaska Director

Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures

Dustin is a triple-threat as Alaska program director thanks to early experience living in an unfamiliar culture, countless hours leading classes in the outdoors and serious construction skills.

As a teen, he moved with his family to a fishing village in Thailand, where he learned the local culture, traditions and language. He attended Dalat International Boarding School in Penang, Malaysia, for high school.

Back in the U.S., at Prescott College, Dustin earned his master’s in Vernacular Architecture with an emphasis on energy-efficient design using earthen construction and passive cooling strategies. When he’s not working on education programs, Dustin owns and manages a Tucson, Arizona-based construction company, which specializes in green design strategies.

As an adult, he also founded a guide service specializing in wilderness therapy, and he has more than 200 weeks in the field as a mountain, river and rock instructor for Outward Bound and other organizations.

Dustin worked with VISIONS in the British Virgin Islands as the lead carpenter in 2014. He’s excited to be in Alaska this summer, where he’ll be joined by his full VISIONS leader team.

Matthew Dayton from Visions Service Adventures